Day 67

by electionfraud2011

Day 67 started at the tunnel remnant just east of Greenwood on highway #3. I’d had an unsettling phone call the night before the gist of which was that I was going to have to figure out how to post and maintain my blog since the person who was doing it is just far too smart and as a result his time began to have a premium on it and he simply hadn’t the time to do it.

So this is my first attempt. It’s difficult to type with your fingers crossed.

I started out full of energy and by 10am I’d walked about 12Km and so decided to head generally east which is actually almost north at this point. I came to a road construction site where one of the flag persons flagged me down and told me that he had been radioed by the other flag person that my rear right wheel was wobbling and looked like it might blow. So I proceeded even slower than usual.  I’m a slow but courteous driver who whenever I can will pull over to let faster drivers pass. I hoped to make it to Grand Forks with no drama. No problem. In fact what had happened was that when I’d parked too close to high curbs because being a class ‘c’ motor home it’s a little wide, I had misshapen the elaborate hub cap and it was rather askew and making the wheel look wobbly.

Well my new friend Ellen, that I met in Rock Creek invited me to play some music on Friday and I have a great deal to do while I’m here so it looks as though I’ll get some much needed rest and get a chance to play and leave here able to handle daily postings on the blog. I have to admit it scares me a little. It’s nice to have a really smart person editing  a potential loose cannon such as I but every little bird has got to try his or her wings.

I may just find this liberating. The first good thing it’s done is to get me into the library where it must be at least a thousand degrees cooler.

I’m basically a shy person and I’m hoping I can crank myself up to do a lot of fifteen or twenty minute walks around town with my WALKING TO OTTAWA PROTESTING ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT       sign on my back.