Day 41 – Pioneer Motors in Agassiz BC

by electionfraud2011

I spent the night between days 40 and 41 at Lougheed & Davis Lane. My new friend Brad sent me there. Said it was the best spot for my needs and he was right. He also sent me to Pioneer Motors and said to ask for Don and tell him that Brad sent me. Well I did and they did and I’m so happy about the result that that’s why I’m being audacious enough to call Brad a friend.

Brad and then Don and everybody else at Pioneer Motors and the people at the library…it’s weird that I had such a bad feel not that far back at neighbours helping neighbours fire hall the day before and then Agassiz, helped out by Dianne “with two N’s” Young, or as I like to call her Young Dianne since we established that I’m four years her senior. Awfully hard not to think of Dianne as a friend.

And that on the basis of an expanded directions to Pioneer Garage and some politics. You could sure do worse than Agassiz.

I was getting so close to the financial abyss that of necessity I was collecting beer cans as I walked. Well, the abyss has been averted and I should be able to steer Toto to the man behind the curtain. But picking up the cans had me thinking that besides being 10¢ nuggets, they add nothing to the countryside. So I was helping the neighbourhood while helping myself. But I got to thinking that cigarette smokers must be the most habitual litterers in the world. Seems like smokers just discard the packages wherever and whenever they feel like it. Now sure they will disappear in time but they are ugly for a long time. Why not put a deposit on them? And far more important, why are we not dealing similarly with plastic? One hears about a giant island somewhere (I believe it’s the Pacific) made of nothing but discarded plastic. Why, for example, isn’t there a surcharge on every case of plastic bags sold? And there could easily be a retroactive charge per manufacturer. As the saying goes. “This ain’t rocket science, folks.” Develop a fund to pay for the eradication and reuse of that island of garbage.

I’ve been largely out of the political loop due to lack of phone battery energy but that is changing, so now I’ll be able to see what the Harpercrits are up to.

Day 41 Map

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