Day 40: The Interrupted Journey

by electionfraud2011

I’ve been without power for communication for a week until today so I’m way behind on what the Harpercrits are up to. I’ll try to catch up.

I slept at a lookout point where the Lougheed is mere feet from the shore of Harrison Bay which is a bulge just before it narrows and runs into the Fraser, and it’s a nice view.
When I first pulled in late in the afternoon, there was a fellow sitting in the back of a station-wagon type vehicle having his dinner and though I couldn’t see it I thought he was speaking with someone. It it turned out it was someone who was also eating and sitting in the front passenger seat. I noticed that the car had Alberta plates; so as I had done with the gentleman that I was so wrong about in Mill Bay, I thought, “Well, time to go meet the enemy.” How have I made it this far in life being this amount of repeatedly wrong? James the Calgarian sitting on the back and Sharriff an Egyptian gentleman in the passenger seat turned out to be so largely a combination of intelligent, charming, and utterly not-the-enemy.
As it turned out, they were so generous that I may never try to foresee anything ever again in life. We exchanged names, handshakes and pleasantries and I was informed that Sharriff’s city Cairo has a mere twenty million (20,000,000) people. That’s a lotta people. The generosity came when they were leaving – James left me with a container of mashed potatoes with bacon and Parmesan cheese that was invented and made by Mr. James’ Dad. Mercy, it was good. And plentiful. It lasted me four days.

I believe it was earlier today that I met a  First Nations gentleman named Gerrard on my way out and again on my way back. I told him that I was very bad at remembering names, and that to remember his name I had associated it with one of the best places I ever lived, which was Gerrard and Sherbourne, and I was pretty sure his name wasn’t Sherbourne. He looked and spoke like a man of strong character. I spent some time as I walked along relating that Gerrard and Sherbourne was where I got to know Bill Goddard or “BG,” who in time became very important in my life. He toured briefly with Thelonious Monk when Charlie Rouse was ill, and this likely a large part of the reason why I am a saxophonist. BG is long gone. He nicknamed me “the honourable Ted.”  I hope I’m living up to that moniker, BG!