Day 32 – Move along, please!

by electionfraud2011

Slept last night in the Walmart at Boundary and Grandview Hwy, after my third police rousting from a residential street. I had thought that this might happen, but because the night before I had slept on 8th & Glen, I thought I’d see if Pender (one block east of Boundary) was upscale enough that someone would move me along. Well, it was, and I was very gently moved along by the most charming, polite and attractive couple – if he hadn’t been wearing one of those curly ear-wires, I’d have thought that they were just a curious young couple. I was thinking “You blew it this time, Central Casting!” but at the same time I realised that as a result they were probably very effective.
Too bad the Harpercrits gave me so much opposite to write about.

“Liars and Takers and Boors, oh my!”