Day 31 – Duh!

by electionfraud2011

It’s a purely rhetorical question that calls for the retort duh??!  Is The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper the most gutless, manipulative, wimp to ever steal an election or what.
See? it didn’t even require the obligatory question mark!
Holy crap, his handlers, the corporate media and oil billionaire’s club must be sending him cases of hemlock disguised as beer hall putsch ale. They have got to be pissed off with their boy.
So let’s slither out from under the rock and see what we can do about destroying unions since they keep getting in the way of the transfer of wealth and power upward and taxes and subservience downward.

I’ve been told a few times since I started following the right-wing slug slime leading to Ottawa that my sense of humour will stand me in good stead. But there comes times when against my best instincts anger comes to the fore. When sitting at 5, 6 or 7am having a wonderful breakfast of coffee and oatmeal, and trying to reflect on the wonderful people I’ve met the day before and seeing instead the smarmy creeps that comprise the CPC: the Deans, the Shelleys, the Stephens and the rest of that gang of thugs bent on the nazification of Canada. Those racist bastards with their quizlings  and uncle tomahawks taking Canada back to a time when Natives had no rights; I get very angry.