Day 29 – Collingwood and Waterloo

by electionfraud2011

I awoke on 11th between Collingwood & Waterloo in a very nice middle class neighborhood.
Rather than try to drive back and walk from Horseshoe Bay, I’ll find a different parking spot in the direction of UBC and walk there and back, meditate, and make my way east. The sound system in Toto has given up and sometime today I hope to replace it with a portable unit as well as getting a little pocket radio and a couple of other little things from Value Village.
I had more leg pain through the night than any night since the first week, and that at the end of the least active day. Feeling good this morning though except for hands. Sure felt good playing the piccolo yesterday. Must  play more.
Have to do some business here on Monday. Hope I get a chance to touch up the paint job and also do some of the research for CPC integrity…

I hope to be east of Vancouver by Tuesday. Boy! Talk about your working vacation.

Waterloo Collingwood

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