Day 28 – Strange

by electionfraud2011

Day 28 is strange.
It’s the first time I’ve awakened and not been totally ravenous for oatmeal and coffee. Today I felt a little poorly. Actually not so much poorly as just out of sorts. I think I really hate leaving this gorgeous island. I felt almost like a little bird must feel leaving the nest. Sort of scared but totally aware that this is what a little birdie does.

So the great statesman doesn’t want any bickering in caucus. I’m thinking that there really is a disconnect in the Harper head. He loses a member because of his dictatorial style, and one hears of ranting and fist pounding and he continues to treat his caucus as trained seals.
Rathgeber complained that he treated them like trained seals. He was wrong, Harper  treats them as trained seals. The majority are exactly that. Trained seals.