Day 27 – Very Interesting!

by electionfraud2011

Day 27 was extremely interesting in that I met some very supportive people. The first one was a young gentleman whose name was something like Kephan “the story teller” from mythology. I’m going to guess Irish mythology. I sincerely hope he gets on my blog and corrects or confirms that. He spoke of future education and I think it was of marine biology. Unfortunately for me, his ride came along too soon –  he was fun to talk to.
The next person I spoke with was a young lady at the Rona. I can’t remember her name, and I didn’t ask her permission to reference her on my blog. She was very helpful geographically.
Then there was a young man who I bumped into twice the previous day on the highway in a light rain. I don’t think I got his permission either but I told him that I remembered his name because I had two uncles who were brothers and I was pretty sure it wasn’t Uncle “A” but rather Uncle “H” that had the same name.
Finally, there was Jeremy from Nova Scotia. I picked him up hitchhiking at the very south end of Nanaimo and took him to where I had walked which was Nicol and Commercial. We had a little bite in the vehicle which is after all a kitchen on wheels and he took off heading for Tofino. I think he’s going to Tofino because it is on the westernmost part of Canada. And then he’s hitching to Newfoundland. St. Johns is not just the most eastern place in Canada, it’s the most eastern place in the Americas.
Felt so good after lunch that I played my piccolo for a while.


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