Day 24 – Ladysmith

by electionfraud2011

Slept in the parking lot of the Safeway store mall at the south end of Ladysmith. The people here are very supportive.

But I got into a brief discussion with one of the ones of the 20 to 1 positive ratio. Nice guy who got into “the Liberals did some nasty stuff”. To which I had to reply, because I believe it to my core, that if you would compare the Liberals to the Mafia (which I don’t think he had any problem with) you’d have to compare the Conservatives to the Nazis. Now I’m here to tell you that my own people, my supporters get all freaked out: “Oooh,  you can’t say that, Ted. You lose credibility!”

Hmmm. Jerry Sienfeld can get ten years of laughs describing an obnoxious chef thus, but  I can’t reference it to a guy with all kinds of of fascist history, who wants to build mega-prisons in a time when all forms of crime are waning, who is muzzling scientists to the point that they marched against him (has that ever happened anyplace else on this planet?), who is taking Canada-aboriginal relations back to a time that was evil incarnate, who lies about the scope of military procurement, who acts like a dictator on every level (Rathgeber); and the list goes on, including RCMP, CBC, Afganistan torture complicity, criminal buddies, environment, IN/OUT, loss of U.N. security council seat, senate scandals and attendant lies, and on and on. No, folks, if mice are rodents, Herr Harper is a fascist dictator wannabe. And we ignore this at our peril.


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Heading to Cedar today. Probably just another gorgeous village. Wow, every step I’ve taken, since Gordon Head at the north edge of Victoria, has been beautiful…but occasionally beautiful gives way to jaw-dropping gorgeous as I continue my journey.