by electionfraud2011

Today I fudged 7.7 clicks to see some old friends playing in Crofton. Perhaps I’ll make it up but double walking makes it kind of irrelevant, and it was in a very low population area. I think that’s a harper(c) if I remember correctly.

So, let’s review:

  • A Harper-A is an outright lie for personal enrichment.
  • A Harper-B is breaking any kind of contract with any  indigenous Nation; (and yes, I do think I have that one right.)
  • A Harper-C is any kind of move which resembles kicking your golf-ball closer to the pin when nobody is looking.

When I left the hotel pub I bought a couple of things from a very nice mother and daughter who run a thrift shop, found a place to park, and walked two to three kilometres. On the walk out a car stopped. Three ladies chatted with me about what I was doing. On the walk back a car with one lady in it did the same.

I think I like Crofton.

What a beautiful island.