Day 20 – Cowichan Bay

by electionfraud2011

Day 20, in Cowichan Bay. Planning on walking to Crofton tomorrow (see map, click on it for a larger view). The people in Cowichan Bay as I pointed out earlier are truly wonderful, and Cowichan Bay is probably the most gorgeous village I’ve ever seen. But I really have to say that the people I encountered between Crofton and Chemainus are by far the most receptive and warmest I’ve met.
One car full of people stopped ahead of me and waited to ask what I was about, and another lone woman made a U-turn and came back to ask what I was about and if I wanted a ride. I declined the ride and explained my point of view. She thanked me, made another U-turn and went on her way.
I’ve lost track of exactly how much I have in the bank and probably won’t encounter a branch before Nanaimo.
Yesterday wasn’t a long walk day and yet I have a lot of leg pain. More building up pain I hope; but I think it’s arthritic.
Every day, the news says “Ted, you are doing the right thing.” It’s really humbling when people thank me for what I’m doing. I admit to them that it’s incidental that it’s for them – it’s really for me…