Day 6 – Cordova Bay and Halliburton

by electionfraud2011

Finished my walk Friday at Cordova Bay and Halliburton, but had to drive to Tanner Road to park for the night. Walked back to Cordova Bay and Halliburton, and then to Island View and Lochside to sleep Saturday night. Should make Sidney tomorrow.

It’s slow but getting faster. Every day that I meet good folks just adds to the success and that’s happened every day so far. Having difficulty keeping energy for phone and radio up. Cigarette lighter doesn’t work so I can’t charge jumper unit but fortunately it has enough to keep phone working. Must stop at a Canadian Tire and price repairing that.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford and “The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper” might want to form a comedy duo and stop lying and harming their current constituents. Turns out Ford’s a former crack dealer, not just an addle-brained crack user. Much the same way “The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper” isn’t just fascistic but a former member of neo-nazi organizations.
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. You nailed it Dorothy.

I have the occasional doubt about my physical ability to complete the walk but most of the time, it’s the opposite – I’m feeling stronger daily. Get some major leg cramps at night, but that is subsiding.
Made a little calculation error in that I forgot about fares for the ferries to Saltspring and Vancouver. I’m continuing to hope that going forward, people will start donating via PayPal, or that I can at least make a bit busking. From the beginning I have elt that when my bank account is on empty, I should just stop and busk. Stopping keeps the money from flowing out, and busking adds to the total.
Yes, I’m still looking for drivers. But truly, donations and places to plug my vehicle into are more important.

It’s all going well!