Day 2 – Camosun College in Victoria

by electionfraud2011

It’s taken me eight months to put it on the road but I’m recovering from day two. I’m doing short bursts until I get my road legs under me. Last night’s sleep involved a lot of leg cramps. Walked to Comosun College. Saw one person on the campus. Must try to engage before I head for the leadership conference at Uvic tomorrow.

Today was an interesting day. I got my first dedicated, unsolicited cash donation from an 84 y.o. Brit lady at a bus stop on Richmond. She dove into her purse complaining apologetically that it wasn’t enough as she hadn’t been to the bank. She gave me a five and I’m sure she was hoping there was a ten or twenty in there.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.32.24 AM

(click for larger map)

Got a lot of good bolstering today.

Day three tomorrow….